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Why Buy From Us

Why Buy From Us
Greetings Folks!

I am Michael Cady owner of LMD Disaster Survival Kits & Supply LLC in Puyallup Washington and have been for 8 years. I know that when you are looking for life saving equipment and supplies such as survival kits, first aid kits, food, water and communication needs, just to name a few life saving items you have a choice.

My background for the past 25 years has been in the fundraising end of providing money for our search and rescue programs, firefighters, police agencies and other first responders to be able to purchase life saving equipment and have the resources available to save lives.

When I started LMD Disaster Survival Kits & Supply(the LMD stands for Lisa Michael Daughters), I understood the importance for everyone to be prepared for emergencies and disasters. It is so important for each and everyone of us to be able to take care of ourselves and our families for at least the first 72 hours after a disaster strikes, if help is slow to arrive.

This online store has put together a wide variety of survival kits from your 72 hour kits with basic water and food to fully supplied survival kits for 2 weeks or more. Each kit is assembled carefully using items that have been suggested by FEMA, The American Red Cross and input from disaster survivors themselves.

We also carry long life food from Mountain House & Wise Food Storage, and 5 year shelf life water. We even have a section that allows you to select the items you want to build your own survival kit and we custom make kits for 1 person to 1,000s of people.

You can count on the best customer service as I am not to far away to answer questions or handle shipping or other order issues. We back up our products with a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee, but most items have a much longer replacement guarantee. Always feel free to call or email me for any service I may help you with.

In closing I want to thank you in advance for your business as I said earlier I know you have a choice. I have had a great 8 years helping my fellow citizens get prepared for what emergencies might come their way and I look forward to many more years of helping you and many others.


Michael Cady


LMD Disaster Survival Kits & Supply LLC
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