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Emergency Care & Survival Book

Emergency Care & Survival Book

Item# WGB-1

Product Description

Over 900,000 copies of this book have been sold!

For Emergency Care & Survival

When you're faced with a disaster, you can often face physical and psychological strain. It's often hard to remember what to do in an emergency situation, and this is exactly why we've written the Wallace Guidebook. This book is specifically designed to present the basics of survival in an extremely easy-to-understand manner.

This book discusses the following topics, plus many more: Choking, Heart Attack, CPR, Shock, Burns, Emotional Trauma, Bleeding, Fainting, Wounds, Broken Bones, Fractured Bones, Back Injury, Childbirth, Auto Breakdown, Temperature Extremes, and the 1st and 2nd Rules of Survival.

It's not fun to be in one of these situations, but having a book like this nearby gives you a better chance of a happy ending.

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