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August 23 Kits provide disaster relief necessities Online business owner sells three-day emergency kits for disaster preparedness Susan Schell for The Herald Published: August 30th, 2007 11:57 AM

Although Americans are constantly bombarded with media images of hurricanes, floods and other natural disasters disrupting peoples lives throughout the world, most don�t want to think of it happening in their own back yard. Over 70 percent of Americans are not prepared for a disaster, said Michael Cady of Puyallup. People really don't want to prepare.

Cady started an online business last January selling three-day survival kits that can be kept at home or in the car to provide basic necessities during a catastrophe.

Cady and his family were stuck in a nightmare traffic jam last Thanksgiving while headed to Portland for the holiday.

It was a parking lot, he said. Traffic was backed up all the way to Centralia. There was nothing that stopped it. There was no accident. They were just people traveling in one particular direction at one particular time.

Cady and his family watched as people jammed into a rest stop to use the bathroom.

This was just holiday traffic, Cady recalls. I thought, What would happen if the whole community had to make a mass exodus on a single day? If there was a disaster and people had to leave all at once, no one�s going to get very far very fast.

At the time, Cady was looking to start an online business, and the traffic jam reminded him of the necessity to have basic supplies available and ready.

If a disaster strikes I'll probably be at work and so will my wife. If the kids come home, we have kits inside and outside. The kids will be able to get necessities they would need to make it. Depending on what happens, we might be asked to evacuate, or we might have to stay in place. Either way, you�re going to need supplies to get by.

Cady sells his kits nationwide, but says people should add extra supplies according to their geographic area and what kind of event might be expected.

You should custom fit your kits for disasters that might occur in your area, he said. In the Pacific Northwest, you would need a change of clothes and some wet weather gear. Business women should always have an extra pair of comfortable shoes so they can get away.

The kits come in three forms: a min-cooler size, a backpack, and a weather and waterproof bucket that can be stored outside. The smallest size, the survival pal includes water, a three-day supply of emergency food rations, a radio with batteries, a waterproof and windproof sleeping bag, a poncho, a squeeze flashlight, a first aid kit, a whistle and compass, Aqua tabs for purifying water and a deck of cards.

Cady said the kits were designed by emergency response professionals and survival victims themselves, who suggested the deck of cards would help alleviate the long monotonous hours spent waiting for rescue.

The backpacks can be carried for long journeys and include the same items and extra room for shoes, clothes and money. The survival bucket has a wind-up solar powered flashlight, tent, a wrench to shut off gas, a light stick, blanket, a survival knife and gloves for moving debris. A children's kit is also available, fashioned toward children under 11 that includes little toys.

The three-day survival kit can be purchased online at lmddisastersurvivalkits.com.

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