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First Aid Travel Kit

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First Aid Travel Kit

Finally a compact, complete travel unit for the person on the go!

This kit fits perfectly in a purse, briefcase, or glove compartment, and is ready when you need it in first aid situations.

This kit is very special because itís the only one of its kind to include a 4 oz. sterile water packet with a five-year shelf life.

Ask us about using this kit for fundraisers or corporate promotions!

We can customize the kit to include your companyís logo

1 - Soft Carring Case

To contain the items listed and to add small personal items.

1 - Instant Cold Pack

Use to prevent heat exhaustion and as a cold treatment for burns, bruises, spraines, swelling, headaches and toothaches.

2 - Alcohol Whipes

Use to clean a wound

4 - Antiseptic Wipes

Use for minor cuts and skin abrasions

1 Sterilized Water Packet

4.225 ounces of sterile, purified water. Use for drinking or to clean a wound. 5 year shelf life

1 - Antibotic Ointment

Use to prevent infection and aid in healing

1 - Tissue Pack

To clean wounds and other wipe-up needs.

1 - Guaze Pad ( 2" X 2" )

For wound protection and cleansing

1 - Pair Disposable Gloves

Use as a protective shield from dirt, germs or harmful bacteria

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