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ECOS Emergency ID Band Hook/Loop

ECOS Emergency ID Band Hook/Loop
Accidents happen. An ECOS® Emergency ID provides a unique and flexible way for you to store and communicate identification, emergency contact and other important medical information. Communicating this information to emergency medical personnel can be critical if, as a result of an injury, you are unable to speak. But even if you are conscious and coherent, it’s important (and convenient) to have certain information at your fingertips, such as information about your health insurance, medications you are taking, and your primary physician’s contact information.

How does it work? When the QR code on your EID is scanned by a smartphone or other scanning device, your Emergency ID Profile appears. If an emergency responder is unable to scan the QR code on your EID, access to your Profile is available by entering the seven-digit EID Number (i.e., the number that appears beneath the QR code on all of our EIDs) on the “Emergency Personnel Assistance” page of our EID website, www.ecoseid.com.

You create your Profile by visiting www.ecoseid.com. You can include any information that you wish to appear when your EID is scanned. You can change the information at any time. If you lose or discard your EID, you can easily deactivate the QR code so your Profile no longer appears when the EID is scanned.

Key Features •No personal information is printed or stored on your EID so you don't have to worry if it's lost or stolen. •You can link multiple EIDs to the same Profile or each to a different Profile. •There are no subscription fees.

Specs •Aluminum (approximately 1-1/2" x 13/16") with adjustable hook and loop wrist strap (approximately 11-1/2” x 3/4”). •Aluminum EID made in the U.S.A. Strap made in China. •There are seven colors available: •Black •Dark Blue •Red •Orange •Pink •Yellow •Green
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