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10 Person Disaster Survival Kit

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This survival kit,which is designed to support ten people for three days, offers assurance when employees are unable to leave the workplace in an emergency.

It contains over 500 items including food and water with a five year shelf life, an AM/FM radio, emergency blankets, and medical supplies.

This unit started a whole industry. Accepted as the "credential" for implementing an emaergency prepardness program. The GSP Unit can be found worldwide in some of the largest businesses and yet serves small businesses with the same thought in mind..."how to accommodate themselves and their employees who may be placed at risk because of an impending problem" Put to use, when needed, the responce is the same "It did what it was designed to do, it accommodated people at risk".

(This kit can be sent worldwide, contact for information.)

This Kit contains the Following:

General Items

Carrying Case

AM/FM Radio with Battery

Bicarbonate of Soda


Duct Tape

Dust Masks

Emergency Blankets

Emergency Manual

Flashlights with Batteries

Food Rations

Infectious Waste Bags

Playing Cards

Pry Bar


Self Sealing Bag

Tissue Bags

Water Purification Tablets

Water Rations



Work Gloves

Medical Items

Adhesive Bandages

Adhesive Tape

Alcohol Wipes

Anti-Diarrhea Tablets


Disposable Gloves

Elastic Bandages

First Aid Cream

Gauze Pads

Gauze Rolls

Instant Cold Packs


Sanitary Pads



Tongue Depressors

Toothache Kits


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